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Sydney Business Pages FAQs

All your questions about Sydney Business Pages answered! If you can’t see your query below, please feel free to contact us directly!


Adding a Listing

Q: What Are the Advantages of Listing My Business on Sydney Business Pages?

Listing your business includes the benefits of heightened online visibility, increased web traffic and potential leads, improved SEO, and access to a wider audience. 

Q: How Do I Create a Business Listing on Sydney Business Pages?

To create a business listing on Sydney Business Pages, click on the Add a Listing or Add Business button. Choose your perfect package, fill out the required information, and complete your payment details. This should then direct you to the form to create your listing. Once you submit your form, ensure all fields are entered correctly for the submission to complete.

Q: What Information Should I Include in My Business Listing?

We recommend you include your business name, address, phone number, website URL, email address, hours of operation, service/product categories, a description of your business, your ideal client, why choose us, and any other relevant information — such as parking availability or customer reviews. The more detailed you can make the description, the more chance it has of being picked up in the search engines and in onsite searches as well. Including images also helps visitors to understand your business and get a feel for you much more quickly.
Note: The Silver and Gold Packages include a description section.

Q: How Many Categories Should I List My Business Under?

This depends on the type of business you have and the categories available on SBP. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to list your business under the most relevant categories to boost visibility and attract potential customers.

Q: What if I Can’t Find My Category?

If your business doesn’t fit any of the categories that are currently on the website, please reach out to us, so we can create a suitable category for your business to list under.

Q: How Do I Update My Business Listing if My Information Changes?

At any time, you can update and edit your business listing by simply logging into your SBP account, navigate to your Dashboard, click “Edit” on the listing you wish to update, and change accordingly, then scroll to the bottom and Submit.

Q: How Long Does It Take for My Business Listing To Go Live on the Site?

Your listing will go live once you submit it. Depending on your browser settings, you might need to refresh your browser in order to see it.

Q: My Business Is Not in Sydney, Can I Still Have a Listing on

Yes, of course! Although our directory mainly serves businesses based in Sydney — we understand that some operations have a wider reach. Irrespective of where your business is located, if you can serve Sydney — we can list your business!

Listing Options, Restrictions, and Opportunities

Q: Can I List Multiple Locations for My Business on the SBP Directory Site?

Yes! We allow you to add more than one location under a single account — useful if your enterprise has numerous offices or outlets. You may consider taking a Silver Package, which allows you to create two separate listings, or a Gold Package, which allows you to create up to five business listings, each in a different location, if needed. Contact us if you need more than 5 locations.

Q: How Can I Optimise My Business Listing for SEO Purposes?

To boost your business listing with powerful SEO, our top tips include: complete a full description of your products or services using relevant keywords, encourage customer reviews and engagement, and delivering unique service content including high-quality videos and images.

The Gold and Silver Packages allow for a full description, images, and links back to your website. The Gold Package has the additional benefit of including podcast and guest post opportunities, which further increase your visibility.

Q: How Does the Podcast and Blog Post Help My Business?

The Gold Package is all about building visibility and trust. The podcast and blogpost both give your business a greater footprint on the internet, with links back to your website, and a wonderful opportunity to bring value to the community with your knowledge.

The podcast is with the legend himself, Ross Hutchison – entertainer extraordinaire, radio personality, and the man behind the Ross Hutchison Foundation.

Q: How Can I Make My Business Listing Stand Out on the SBP Site?

The most powerful way to make your business stand out is to go for our Gold Listing Package. Additionally, consider including detailed and interesting descriptions of your business and services, encouraging customer engagement and feedback, and using eye-catching images.

Q: Can I Include Images or Videos in My Business Listing?

Yes! We allow you to include videos and images in your SBP listing to boost exposure and increase interest.

Q: Are There Any Restrictions on the Type of Businesses That Can List on

We do not list businesses that promote, or engage in, activities that we consider to be inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, gambling, pornography, drug use, or any other activity that we believe may be harmful, illegal, or offensive to our users.

Q: How Can I Track the Performance of My Business Listing on the Site?

By logging into your member’s area, you can view your listing statistics through the information panel.

Q: Does My Listing Include a Trial Period?

No. Your business listing on SBP doesn’t feature a trial period.

Q: Can Any Business Be Listed on Sydney Business Pages?

Virtually all legitimate businesses can be listed in our directory under any of our numerous categories. However, we do not permit any operations we consider to be illegal, harmful, or offensive — or enterprises dealing with drugs, gambling, or pornography.

Q: How Do I Contact Customer Support if I Have Any Issues With My Business Listing?

Our contact page includes details for getting in touch with customer support.

Q: My Business Is Located at a Co-working Venue — Can I Still List My Operation on SBP?

Sure! As long as your enterprise has its own telephone number, and you legitimately work and staff the space during your stated hours, you can have a listing on SBP.

Customer Enquiries, Reviews, and Feedback

Q: How Am I Notified About Customer Enquiries From My Listing?

Your prospective clients and customers can contact you directly through your telephone number, website, or email address provided on your listing. Therefore, sign in and check your account to make sure these details are up to date.

Q: How Do I Respond to Customer Reviews on My Business Listing?

Fast and attentive response to customer feedback and reviews shows excellent customer service and attention to detail. Thank clients for their feedback, professionally address any complaints or concerns, and offer solutions or the next steps to be taken.

Q: I Want My Business Listing To Have More Reviews, How?

In your listing, encourage your clients and customers to leave reviews — explaining how valuable it is to receive constructive feedback. Furthermore, include a facility — such as a link on your listing, website, or social accounts — for customers to easily submit reviews.

Price and Payment

Q: How Much Does It Cost to List My Business on the SBP Directory Site?

The cost of listing your business with us at Sydney Business Pages depends on your chosen package. We have three categories — Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Q: Is My SBP Subscription a Recurring Payment?

Yes. The yearly subscriptions are recurring. This means payments will continue to be made until you contact us to cancel your listing.

Q: What Payment Methods Are Possible for My Subscription?

Payment can be made through Stripe using your debit or credit card.

Q: I Want To Change My Listing Plan, Can I Amend My Subscription?

Yes! We understand that as your business grows, develops, or pivots, you may need to alter your subscription. Just log into your account, click on “My Listings” and click on “Upgrade” then select the package you require.

Q: Are the Package Prices for a Single Page?

Each business listing is one page. However, depending on your chosen package, your details may be listed on more than one category page. Silver allows you to create two listings, and with Gold you can create up to five separate listings.


Q: If I Cancel My Subscription, What Happens to My Listing?

Should you decide to end your listing, we will retain your information — although your business details will no longer be visible on the SBP site. We can reactivate your listing at any time — subject to you updating or renewing your payment details.

Q: How Do I Cancel My Business Listing on SBP?

You can end your subscription at any time by logging into your account and following the instructions on cancellation.

Q: Can My Subscription Be Refunded?

No. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions. All profits from SBP go directly to supporting charities, so there’s every chance your subscription fees have already been put to good use helping others. 🙂